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POS or Sales Equipment for Restaurant or Retail - FREE - No Upfront Costs! - $1


Harbortouch is the best deal in town for a POS System. We have an exact match for your type of business! Especially if you don't want to spend thousands of dollars on a POS and THEN worry about budgeting/spending all of the money that comes with the time after you get the POS! Upgrades, tech support - all the things POS companies nickel and dime you for! You get all the equipment brand new for FREE, lifetime warranty, 24/7 customer service, (we aren't going to bill you per phone call or per minute!) software upgrades (yes that's right!) installation, training and even FREE paper/supplies! All for no upfront cost, no deposits, down payments at all! The monthly service charge is the cost of a tank of gas or about $3 per day or LESS (which is for service/maintenance). One Pizza sale, one retail item sale, one coffee makes up for that cost! This really is a GREAT offer! I encourage you to shop around! As long as you compare APPLES to APPLES, (mostly all of those items listed above, especially the tech support and software upgrades are ALWAYS extra charges for other POS companies) you will absolutely see 100%, the advantage/benefits and savings guaranteed! Check out our A+ BBB rating, and all of our awards (Forbes, 500/5000, and many more) over the years. We have several happy customers that have even volunteered to speak with any one who would want to inquire about the equipment/company/service! We were EVEN FEATURED ON the hit TV Show "BAR RESCUE!" I will be glad to answer any questions you have!

Available features/items for the POS systems are: Ipad Integration, Pay at the table, Online Ordering for customers, Loyalty Program/Gift Cards and others!

We even have options available if a POS isn't something you want or need! Which are a Stand alone credit card terminal (EMV compliant for FREE!), ECR (Electronic Cash Register) For FREE also!

Did you know there is a new compliance regulation on the horizon? Everybody will required to get this. we are offering it free with free compliant credit card machines (and EMV-NFC reader!) Others will charge $300 plus equipment....Harbortouch does not charge!

Dustin Reinhart

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